Networking Activities

On Wednesday, June 27, Half-Day Networking Activities are available. These are fun activities that attendees can participate in without computer screens, and they provide an opportunity for casual conversation among peers. Get to know other people that are involved with student technology in higher education – the person that you go white water rafting with during the networking activity could become the contact to help you solve your GPO, SSO, NAC, or VPN issue tomorrow!

Ride around Boulder on a 16 passenger party bike.  The bike features 16-pedaling seats along with a guide and is a fun, eco-friendly way to explore Boulder while visiting some local pubs. Ride starts at 1:30. Transportation to and from pick up location is included.  Pub Crawl includes stopping at 3 pubs during ride.

Please Note:  Minimum of 8 participants required for this activity.  If activity is cancelled due to not reaching minimum participation, attendee will be contacted and will have the option to choose another activity.

  • Exploring Boulder & Dine:

Not interested in a planned activity, or just want a relaxing day to walk around and explore Boulder?  ResNet is offering transportation to downtown Boulder.  Explore the city on your own and at your own pace.  Meet back up with your fellow attendees for dinner at a local Boulder restaurant (meal included).

  • On-Campus Activities – Board Games, Beach Volleyball, etc. & Dine:

If you’re just interested in staying on-campus, the recreation center is open and there is also an outdoor beach volleyball court located adjacent to the on-campus housing.  An introductory lesson to beach volleyball will also be available. Dinner at a local Boulder restaurant is included.

  • Hike and Dine:

Get transported to a local hiking spot, then hike around with your fellow attendees (led by Matt Walker). After your hike, meet back up with your fellow attendees for dinner at a local Boulder restaurant (meal included).