Senti-Merriman Award

The ResNet Steering Committee established the Senti-Merriman ResNet Symposium Award in June 2001. The award sponsors the attendance of up to two student staff members at the ResNet Student Technology Conference each year.

Now known as the Senti-Merriman Award, it was created in honor of Sandy Senti and Jeff Merriman, the organization’s founding members. Sandy and Jeff were the driving force behind the creation of the ResNet Symposium and its early success was the result of their commitment to residential technology and their shared respect for the contributions of those who make ResNet programs possible: students living in residence halls and ResNet student staff.

The ResNet Board of Directors is pleased that the Student Technology Conference experience can be extended to student staff participants through this award. This opportunity provides all member organizations with a means to honor their student staff and demonstrates how important it is to have student participation in our programs.

Nominations are due by April 17, 2017

Submit Nomination

Submission Requirements

Nominees must answer the nominee questions. Nominators must answer the nominator questions. Nominators should combine both responses in a Word document and send by email to the Senti-Merriman Chairperson.

Nominee Qualifications

  • A current undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing
  • Currently employed in a role supporting student usage of technology at a college or university
  • Nominated by a past or present administrator of student technology support program or its equivalent

Selections Process

All nominations are first reviewed by the Senti-Merriman Chairperson, who removes any information which could be used to identify the nominee. Then, the chairperson sends the nominations to a selection committee comprised of volunteers from the ResNet community. This committee reviews the nomination and rates them based on the following factors:

  • Nominee’s current work performance
  • Nominee’s impact on his or her student technology support program or college/university
  • Nominee’s future potential in academia or computing
  • Nominating school’s responses to application questions
  • Nominee’s responses to application questions

After each reviewer has rated all of the nominees, the Chairperson adds the ratings from each reviewer and the top nominees are chosen, based on how many awards are available in a given year.

Nominating School Responsibilities

The nominating institution must commit to sending one full time staff person to accompany the student at the Conference, and ensuring the student conducts themselves in accordance with the conference Code of Conduct.

Award recipients are encouraged, but not required to present at the conference. This is a valuable educational opportunity to gain presentation experience at a professional conference in front of a friendly and welcoming audience.

  • The student’s participation in and conduct at the Student Technology Conference
  • One full time staff person accompanies the student at the Conference

Nominating School Responsibilities

  • Please provide the full name, position and student level/status of the nominee.
  • How long has the nominee been involved with your program? (in years)
  • Is the candidate in good academic standing?
  • What are the nominee’s responsibilities and skills within your program?
  • Please select one accomplishment or distinctive performance of the nominee and briefly describe.
  • What would you consider the nominee’s greatest strength and why?
  • (Optional) If you would like to include a brief additional statement, please do so below.

Nominee Questions (Required)

  • What is your expected graduation date?
  • What do you hope to gain by attending the Student Technology Conference as it applies to your future plans?
  • If you were asked to address incoming students at their computing orientation, what topics would you cover and why?
  • (Optional) Would you be interested in presenting at the Student Technology Conference? If so, what topic would you like to present on?
  • (Optional) If you would like to include a brief additional statement, please do so below.