Professional Development Sessions

Professional Development Seminars (PDS) are held the day before the main conference, June 19th. These sessions offer a chance for attendees to learn from experts in a given field, and spend more time going in-depth. You can register for PDS sessions through the registration site –


  • 3D Printing –  Full Day Sessions  $45
    Come take a tour of our 3DU Makerspace and learn the basics of 3D Printing and Modeling. In this session participants will learn how to start their own 3D Printing program, how the process of 3D printing works, and how to market 3D printing to the faculty, staff, and students of your University. Participants will also have the opportunity to design an item using Google Sketchup and print it on one of our 3D printers! Presenter: Ryan Cameron
  • Leadership – Morning Session $30
    Being an effective leader and agent of change for your team and others: Whether you directly supervise students, staff, faculty or others, having a clear understanding of who you are as a leader will allow for you to maximize not only your skills, but those on your team as well. During this session, participants will have a better understanding of who they are as a member within their team and the importance of how they as an individual can play a major role in how the team operates as a whole. Through the philosophy of Social Change Model of Leadership Development and the 5 Practices of Effective Leadership , participants will be given a framework of how they can impact a team and the community in which they are part of in a positive way. Presenter: Mike Corelli
  • Information Security – Afternoon Session $30
    Information security is not just concerned with all of the technical controls used for tracking and blocking hackers. It should be a holistic program based on a framework that includes many facets. Some of the less technical facets are a policy and governance structure and a security training program. Also, a method to assess and mitigate risk is important. This session will first present an overview of some of the fundamental principles of an information security program and will then dive deeper into analyzing risk management, including an overview of one way to perform risk assessments. Presenter: Joel McKenzie
  • Project Management – Afternoon Session $30
    The session will broadly cover the foundational concepts of project management including key terminology, the project lifecycle, key processes and knowledge areas based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Presenter: Brandy Henning