The Mineta San Jose International Airport ( is approximately 35 miles from the University of California, Santa Cruz and serves many major airlines.

Other airports within driving distance include:


As of September 14, 2023, estimated pricing using for round-trip travel on June 23 and 28 to/from San Jose (SJC) via popular airports includes:

  • Atlanta (ATL): $642 – $853 for Delta, Frontier, and United
  • Boston (BOS): $592 – $873 for JetBlue, Alaska, United and Delta
  • Chicago (ORD):  $584 – $820 for Alaska, Frontier, American, and United
  • Dallas (DFW): $480 – $650 for Delta, Frontier, American, and United
  • Los Angeles (LAX): $298 – $447 for Alaska, Delta, and American

Pricing will vary widely based on time of day and carrier for flights. Ranges provided include at least three carriers.


UC Santa Cruz provides the following recommendation for shuttle service to and from UCSC and the airport.


We recommend coordinating with other attendees flying in around the same time as you to consider sharing a shuttle.

Both Santa Cruz Experience and Santa Cruz Airport Flyer offers rides to and from local

Ride Share

Ride Sharing is available from all airports. Pricing will vary widely based on time of day and number of available drivers. Ranges provided include a general mid-morning estimate. Budget between $40-$100 not including tip.

UberX (up to 4 passengers)To/FromSan Jose Airport (SJC)$49.70
UberX (up to 4 passengers)To/FromSan Francisco Airport (SFO)$86.14
UberX (up to 4 passengers)To/FromOakland Airport (OAK)$89.45
UberX(up to 4 passengers)To/FromMonterey Regional (MRY)$63.30
Lyft (up to 4 passengers)To/FromSan Jose Airport (SJC)$50-$60
Lyft (up to 4 passengers)To/FromSan Francisco Airport (SFO)$90-$105
Lyft (up to 4 passengers)To/FromOakland Airport (OAK)$85-$93
Lyft (up to 4 passengers)To/FromMonterey Regional (MRY)$65-$70

Public Transit

Public Transit options are available to take you all the way to campus during morning and early evening hours. Transit time will vary depending on weekday/weekend routes and time of day traffic.

The options include Train/ Rail, HWY Express Bus, and Local Metro Service.

Driving to UC Santa Cruz

50 minutes from San Jose (SJC)

1 hour and 12 minutes from San Francisco (SFO)

1 hour and 30 minutes from Oakland (OAK)

50 minutes from Monterey (MRY)

5 hours and 25 minutes from Los Angeles

2 hours and 31 minutes from Sacramento

Parking will be available for those who drive to UC Santa Cruz

If using GPS to get to the check-in location for the Student Technology Conference, please use Parking Lot 146, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.

From the base of campus, here’s how to get to us!

  1. From the Barn Theater/Main Entrance, Take High St. / Empire Grade to Heller Dr.
  2. Turn right onto Heller Dr.
  3. Turn right onto Rachel Carson Road
  4. YOU ARE HERE! 🙂


UC Santa Cruz has over 2,000 acres encompassing Administrative and Academic buildings as well as Natural Reserves, Farms, and an Arboretum.