Attendee Resources


Here are a couple resources to help you prepare for the 2024 ResNet Student Technology Conference at the Uniservity of California, Santa Cruz!

  1. Weather is typically resides around 68 degrees farenheit in June, with about 68% humidity, so please plan accordingly. The lows have been reported to go as low as 51 degrees, but the conference room where the event is hosted will be heated. Just remember to stay hydrated, and (if needed) wear sunscreen!
  2. Resnet STC is a conference where attendees dress casually.
  3. Santa Cruz is home to a decent amount of poison oak. Resources on how to identify and avoid poison oak can be found here:
  4. UCSC is naturally a pretty steep campus, so make sure to wear confortable walking shoes to navigate the campus. There are also loop buses that circle the campus regularly, stopping at each college.
  5. Due to the campus’ location on a heavliy forested hill, mobility can be difficult. If you need any disability accommodation needs, please let us know as soon as possible by email!
  6. You may also find it worthwhile to bring business cards with you to share with the people you meet throughout the conference.
  7. For those out-of-state attendees, be prepared to bring your own reusable shopping bags, as local markets will charge for using non-recyclable counterparts. We will provide you with reusable water bottles.