Our Keynote Speaker for the 2021 Student Technology Conference will be Derek Bierman, the Chief Information Officer at Doane University. We look forward to having him be a part of our conference this year.

Derek Bierman, CIO
Doane University

I always knew my greatest passions were creation and invention. My early dream was to bring people together through art and design. My world changed when the web arrived. Technology became my canvas, and I discovered my talents went beyond creativity and into the world of innovation, strategy, user experiences, processes, marketing, and technology.

My creations start with discovering the experiences people want and designing solutions in how to get there. I am a data-driven strategic leader with a servant’s heart in the world of digital and mobile experiences. I love leading teams of people to dream and deliver what is possible whether it’s to redesign business processes, create a mobile app, or streamline customer service. I believe nothing is impossible if you have focus.

I have 20+ years of experience in many high demand leadership roles. I have applied all aspects of modern technology conventions for private start-ups, nonprofits, foundations, colleges, and public Fortune 500 companies. 

I’ve grown an eclectic set of skills in leadership, innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, service management, security, marketing, analytics, technology, architecture, integration, web development, and user experience design. I have led teams to develop and support software, websites, apps, games, service centers, data centers, social networks, and even a technology park.

I have presented nationally and internationally on topics such as strategy, innovation, service management, user experience, and organizational design.

My colleagues would describe me as a driven, innovative, and resourceful leader who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with challenges. 

My favorite quote, “fix the problem, not the blame.” –unknown