Student Technology Conference

June 13 – 16, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV


Well, this year’s conference is only a couple weeks away. Time to start thinking about bringing something to donate to the 7th Silent Auction. The proceeds from this auction go towards the Senti-Merriman Scholarship which allows a Student Employee to come to the Conference for no charge, often getting help with the travel expense as well. This year is no exception, I’m asking you to open your hearts and donate items. We’ve had a wide variety of items over the last 6 years and numerous bidding wars over some of the most unlikely items. Some folks bring items they’ve crafted themselves, others items specific to their respective schools. Anything is welcome, bulky items can be shipped ahead to:

SAM Building
Attention: Victoria McClain
4760 Gym Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

If you’re bringing your item with you, please drop it off at the Registration Desk, make sure you mention it’s for the Silent Auction, especially if it’s a shirt. Here’s the link to this year’s Google Form which helps us know who is giving what and approximate values.…/1Ba3HqFm-DKrvXqKvqCaBqLg…/viewform

Any questions of course reply to me. Thank you all so much in advance for your generosity.

Larry James
ResNet Manager 402-472-3535
RM 134 Sandoz Residence Hall