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Student Technology Conference

Pricing Information

Full Registration Package (Registration Closed)

The Full Registration package includes all events and program sessions (excluding Professional Development Seminars), four breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners, and all refreshment breaks.

Super early registration: $525 (ends February 14)

Early registration: $575 (February 15 through April 25)

Regular registration: $600 (April 26 through May 31)

See the registration site for Single Day registration options.


On-campus accommodations are $50/night. Off-campus accommodations vary by hotel. (more information about accommodations can be found here)


$5 per day (or $15 per week)

Professional Development Seminars

Each seminar will be $40.

HPC at Michigan Tech: A Tale of Greatest Good For The Greatest Number
S. Gowtham

Starting with a brief overview of the state of affairs pre-2013, the talk will detail how building a shared computing infrastructure with the philosophy of 'Greatest Good For The Greatest Number' has helped achieve a very high return on investment and produce over three dozen publications in just two years. Policies and procedures in place for training end users and encouraging productive behavior via a reward system will also be discussed.

Lecture Capture at MTU
Eric Hackney & Jeff Toorongian

Discover how Michigan Technological University utilizes lecture capture systems in the classroom. Participants will learn the history of lecture capture at MTU, how it is deployed to our campus community, and ways it is used. A breakdown of the system from the server to the end-user will be used as a map for the presentation. A tour of the various lecture capture classrooms will be given to participants to see our systems first hand.

Leveraging Your Logs
David Hale

In this session we will learn some creative methods to leverage the information that you hold and methods that you can use to store and correlate it. The talk will cover some basic “quick and dirty” techniques from analyzing log and audit files along with other open source and commercial tools. We will also look at what services are commonly logged and what additional information might augment those logs for some surprising results. Can you track the spread of malware? Find that stolen laptop? Identify potential witnesses of an event? Tell which facilities are used at any given time to better utilize your space? At the end of this talk you should be able to answer these questions and more.

Toastmasters' Communication Seminar - Building a Healthy Team and Workplace Communication
Mitch Taylor

Part 1: Building a Healthy Team
Successful organizations are usually led by a cohesive, collaborative team of people who are comfortable working together. The purpose of this session is for the attendees to establish that kind of teamwork. Mitch will give participants five traits of a healthy team, then they will create an action plan to improve their team’s health. Finally, attendees will learn about their different behavioral styles and begin to establish the vulnerability-based trust required on their team.

Part 2: 5 Tips For Better (Or Worse) Communication In The Workplace
Communication isn't optional. We communicate (and negotiate) everything in our daily lives. The objective in this session will give you 5 Tips for Better (or Worse) Communication in the workplace. We'll also include 2 different interactive activities in our time frame to help with team communication skills throughout. For this session we would strongly encourage to mix different skill sets of employees and different departments together if possible.

Part 3: Toastmasters International
By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback—and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership. If time allows, participants will have an opportunity to practice giving short speeches and have them evaluated.

Wireless Troubleshooting
Andy Voelker

This session is specifically designed to train client facing technicians on troubleshooting everyday wireless issues and understanding the terms used to communicate issues with network administrators. We will go over client configuration issues, interference sources, other radio frequency issues, infrastructure issues, and authentication problems. We will talk about the tools needed to successfully diagnose, understand, and repair client issues. This workshop is led by a Certified Wireless Technical Specialist.

Thursday Afternoon Networking Activities

All activities are $30.

Brewery/Pub Tour
The brewery/pub tour will take in 5 locations (two historical pubs, a brewery, and two brew-pubs).
Dinner and some beer samples will be included in the price.

Copper Country Cruise
The "Copper Country Cruise" will take in a lot of scenery, a jam & bakery place, a lighthouse, and a couple gift shops.
Dinner will be included in the price.

Kayak Tour
The kayak tour will take everyone down the Houghton and Hancock waterfronts, and will include a snack//beverage/stretch/rest stop at the halfway point (snacks and beverages provided).
Dinner will not be included. (Limited as to the 18 available kayaks)

Mine Tour
The mine tour will take in two different mines and two different copper/mining focused gift shops.
Dinner will not be included.

Photography Tour
The photography tour will take in a number of gorgeous sites for shooting, before ending up at one of our best local restaurants.
Dinner will be included in the price.