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Michigan Technological University


University Facts

Michigan Tech enrolls approximately 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students from across the nation and around the world.

Michigan Tech is located in Houghton, Michigan, located in the state’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the northern of the two major land masses that make up the U.S. state of Michigan. It is commonly referred to as the "U.P.", or Upper Michigan. It is also known as the land "above the (Mackinac) Bridge" linking the two peninsulas. The peninsula is bounded on the north by Lake Superior, on the east by the St. Mary's River, on the southeast by Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, and on the southwest by Wisconsin.

Visiting Houghton/Hancock

One of the best


Nestled far from what a lot consider “civilization” with our small town family feel, we are:

  • 560 miles from Detroit, MI
  • 420 miles from Chicago, IL
  • 340 miles from Minneapolis, MN
  • 210 miles from Green Bay, WI
  • 100 miles from Marquette, MI

Michigan Tech is located on the eastern edge of Houghton, which has been listed as one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America.” Houghton, with its sister city of Hancock, have a combined population of 12,500. Though we are west of Chicago, Houghton is in the Eastern Time zone. This was done when millions of tons of copper and iron ore were being shipped from the Houghton/Hancock mines down through the great lakes to the lower peninsula and Pennsylvania.

Locals may tell stories of living in this town before the presence of stop lights or more than one grocery store. Modern day Houghton has all the modern conveniences, including national pizza, sandwich shops, and fast food along with many local flavors and shopping experiences.

Michigan Tech's campus is nestled on the eastern edge of the city, making it close to food, shopping, and coffee shops. At most, the distance from the far end of campus to the furthest restaurant in downtown is 1.5 miles.

Houghton has a very rich and varied culture and opportunities. Within close proximity are historical tours, mine tours, golf courses, state and national parks, waterfalls and lighthouses.

Michigan Tech has a small-town feel, just like the Copper Country, the community in which the University is situated. Many students comment that the size of campus is just right—not so big that it’s easy to get lost, but not too small, either. Students also say they feel at home at Michigan Tech, and some even go so far as to say they feel like they are part of a family; one contributing factor to our welcoming atmosphere is the average student-to-faculty ratio: 11 to 1.

Houghton, Hancock, and the surrounding towns have a combined population of approximately 15,000. However, add in the Michigan Tech student population, and it balloons to more than 22,000.


The Keweenaw Peninsula is quite temperate, averaging mid- to high-seventies in the summer. Sunny and warm weather can be expected throughout the summer.

Shopping and Entertainment

Less than one, easy to walk mile from Michigan Tech's campus, Houghton’s historical downtown features a unique blend of locally owned shops, eateries, museums, and brewpubs, while chain restaurants, and major shopping outlets are a short car ride away. For more information about the local shopping, please visit the City of Houghton's Website.

Arts and entertainment abound, with local art galleries, photo exhibits, and tours by modern dance groups, comedy troupes, chamber orchestras, and more.