michigan tech stc

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, June 16

8:00 am Breakfast for PDS Attendees
9:00 am Morning PDS Sessions (more information on PDS sessions can be found here)
Wireless Troubleshooting
Leveraging Your Logs
Toastmaster's Communication Seminar - Building a Healthy Team and Workplace Communication
10:15 am Break
12:00 pm Lunch for PDS Attendees
1:15 pm Afternoon PDS Sessions
Lecture Capture
HPC at Michigan Tech: A Tale of Greatest Good for the Greatest Number
2:45 pm Break
4:30 pm Program Committee Meeting
4:45 pm Presenter's Prep Meeting
5:15 pm Opening Night Reception
6:15 pm Opening Night Ceremonies and Dinner
8:00 pm Opening Night Activities

Wednesday, June 17

8:00 am Breakfast and Newcomer's BOF
9:00 am Keynote "The Transition to Teaching 24:7" Michael Meyer
10:00 am Break
10:20 am Session 1
Mobile Malware: Challenges and Responses
Superheroes in the Office
The Best of the Best: How We Use Interviews to Identify the Best Candidates for Student Jobs
11:20 am Lunch and BOFs
BOF: LockDown Browser in Your Labs
BOF: Student Learning and Leadership in Higher Education IT: The UC Berkeley Experience
12:30 pm Session 2
Wireless Network Upgrades for Four Residence Halls
The Survey Says
SafeConnect Tips, Tricks and Scripts
Password Security
1:00 pm Break
1:10 pm Session 3
Rise of the Mobile Devices: Leveraging Smart Phones at the Tech Desk
Customer Satisfaction Surveys: What Do They Mean To You?
Visualize, Virtualize and Verify: Virtual Application and Desktop Distribution in the University Setting
2:10 pm Break with Refreshments
2:30 pm Session 4
A Help Desk Ticketing System For You!
Wireless Network Upgrades and Replacement Cycles
Trick Questions and More: A Guided Discussion of Tactics for Effective Student Employee Interviews
3:30 pm Break
3:50 pm Town Hall Meeting
5:15 pm Silent Auction Viewing
5:30 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Pub Trivia

Thursday, June 18

8:00 am Breakfast
SafeConnect Tips, Tricks and Scripts BOF
9:00 am Session 5
Building and Maintaining Windows Computers in a Lab Environment
Outnumbered: Performance Tracking for Student Staff
Stop! Collaborate and Listen: iHelp at Providence College
10:00 am Break with Refreshments
10:20 am Session 6
Open Discussion on Mac Lab Classroom Management
Starfish: Best DMCA Tool Under The Sea
Is WiFi Killing You?
Feedback and Turnover: Strategies for capturing actionable feedback from exit interviews and one-on-ones, and planning for attrition
11:20 am Box Lunches
1:00 pm Half Day Networking Opportunities (more information on networking opportunities can be found here)
Mine Tour
Copper Country Cruising Tour (includes dinner)
Guided Photography Tour (includes dinner)
Microbrewery Tour (includes dinner)

Friday, June 19

8:00 am Breakfast and Program Committee BOF
9:00 am Session 7
In and Out of the Classroom: The Future of Student Owned Technology
Leading Millennial Student Workers
#ThisTalkSucks: Handling Negative Social Media
10:00 am Break with Refreshments
10:20 am Session 8
Minecraft: Building Residence Engagement Block by Block
Troubleshooting Weak Wifi in Students' Rooms
Alerts and Priorities: Web Help Desk Tools for Management of Request Tickets
10:50 am Break
11:00 am Vendor Presentation - ITG Networks
12:00 pm Lunch
Silent Auction Begins
2:00 pm Popcorn Sessions
4:00 pm Silent Auction Closes
6:00 pm Closing Ceremony