Professional Development Seminars


Troubleshooting Wireless Networks for Client Facing Technicians (Andy Voelker, Western Carolina University — $25)

This session is specifically designed to train client facing technicians on troubleshooting everyday wireless issues and understanding the terms used to communicate issues with network administrators.  We will go over client configuration issues, interference sources, other radio frequency issues, infrastructure issues, and authentication problems.  We will talk about the tools needed to successfully diagnose, understand, and repair client issues.  This workshop is led by a Certified Wireless Technical Specialist.

Strategic Leadership in IT (Mairead Martin, Penn State University — $30)

The world of information technology is a world of tactical demands.  For those of us who work in IT within the world of higher education, however, there is a big picture it can be all too easy to lose sight of.  We are part of an institution with a mission, and our work in support of faculty, staff, and students is ultimately in furtherance of that mission.  As leaders in IT, how do we rise about the operational questions of the day and start to think and plan strategically?   This session will explore ways that IT leadership can have vision and take part in the institution as a whole.

Photoshop for Newbies (Pete Stadtmueller, Mercyhurst University — $25)

Can you run circles in Active Directory? How about finding and installing obscure printer drivers? But somehow you find the Photoshop interface confusing and far from logical.  Well things are looking up because this workshop is for you! Come join us for a hands on journey through the basics of Photoshop. Here you will learn the necessary skills and techniques needed to develop graphics for both web and print. There will also be a focus on design basics. So, get ready to level up in this “new user” friendly workshop!

General Skills Covered: Photoshop Interface, Basic Selection, Layers, Resize and Crop, Transformations, Layer Styles, Web vs. Print Standards, and Fonts / Gradients / Brushes / other resources


Mobile Device Management (Brad Wiertel, Velocity Networks — $30)

The world of technology is increasingly mobile.  Smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices have become part of our clients’ daily work lives, and that makes them an ever-more-important part of the support we offer.  It’s one thing to configure or trouble-shoot a one-off device.  It’s another thing altogether to actually manage mobile devices in your enterprise.  This session will talk about tools and strategies to help you do just that.

Malware Removal (Brian Marshall, Velocity Networks — $25)

A lot has changed since the first ResNet conference, but one thing remains constant: the threat of malware and our need to respond to that threat.  This workshop will expose you to key tools and strategies that you can use in your support environment.  We will go beyond the basics and show you how to identify and dig out stubborn infections that might otherwise require a reinstall of your client’s operating system.

Photoshop Survival Skills – It’s a Jungle Out There (Pete Stadtmueller, Mercyhurst University — $25)

So you managed to get the boss to give you a Photoshop install and seem to have played around long enough to have an idea but still are green enough to be dangerous.  This hands on workshop will help you hone those skills to razor sharp perfection!

General Skills Covered: Blending Modes, Filters, Advanced Selection Tools and Methods, Masking, Custom Type Effects, Content Aware Methods, New Features (CS6 and beyond), Poster Design, Web Graphic Design, and Branding Compliance

Skill Level: Intermediate