Current Computing Technology

  • Getting the Best Performance out of VDI (lecture)
  • Mobile Printing at Pomona College (lecture)
  • Running the Virtualization Gauntlet: A Discussion of the Trials and Tribulations of Virtualization (discussion)
  • iPads for Learning (lecture)
  • The Struggles of Converting from Individual Printers to a Centralized Printing System (discussion)

Leadership and Management

  • Yale STC – Aligning Organizational Needs with Personal and Professional Development (lecture)
  • How to Have Fun with Performance Tracking – NOT IMPOSSIBRU (discussion)
  • Educational Outreach and Programming- One Year Later (lecture)
  • Professional Development in Higher Education (discussion)
  • 1 vs 100 – How to handle student staff when you’re hopelessly outnumbered (lecture)
  • A Living Partnership (lecture)
  • Student Staff Training (lecture)
  • ITIL: How We Do It (And How We Don’t) (panel)
  • Achievement Unlocked: Employee Initiatives through Gamification (lecture)
  • The Training Game: Fun and Functional (lecture)

Network Technology

  • Bandwidth Control (panel/discussion)
  • The Decorah Metronet (lecture)
  • Network Access Control Discussion panel (discussion/panel)
  • What Doesn’t Work on the ResNet (discussion)

ResNet 21st Anniversary

  • Moving From Papers to Computers (lecture)
  • 15 Years of DMCA, Past, Present, and Future (lecture)
  • Be #Social (discussion)
  • Copyright Violations Then and Now (lecture)

Support Services

  • Loud and Clear: Internal Digital Signage (lecture)
  • Help Desk Hot Line (lecture)
  • Help Desk Support Models (panel)
  • Replacing Legacy Print System at Yale (lecture)
  • Supporting the growing Mac community: Is there a worm in your Apple? (discussion)
  • Making Space for Creativity (lecture)
  • U-Fixit (lecture)

We are well on our way to planning an exceptional conference!

If you have questions, please contact Andy Voelker, ResNet 2014 Program Committee Chair.